Social Networking

Social networking, which began as a teenage phenomenon years ago, has hit the mainstream—and APHA is in the midst of it with our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Social networking brings people together from all around the country, and the world, who have common interests—in our case, its the Paint Horse.

APHA is using our Facebook pages to disseminate information about the Association’s activities, and to build a “community” of people who can network and communicate with each other, as well. These forums provide a way to “see” and connect with other Paint Horse enthusiasts in a way that is comfortable to each individual’s preferences. You can be as active and involved as you want, or you can simply be a passive observer.

The overall goal of the social networking effort is to make our members (and potential members) feel like they are part of a community, to provide useful and timely information, and to open additional avenues of communication to and from the Association. It’s about making a bit of a personal connection with Paint Horse enthusiasts and building a sense of pride in their Paint Horses and in APHA.

If you haven’t already become a “friend”, a “fan”, or a “follower” of APHA on our social networking sites, take a few minutes and join us online today. It’s a fun, free, and informative way to interact and keep up with the latest happenings at APHA—and meet some new friends along the way!


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