Hosting APHA-Approved Events
The Association offers several tangible benefits to its clubs. The most important of these is the right to sponsor APHA-approved shows––one- or two-judge shows, Paint-O-Ramas, Zone-O-Ramas, special events and trail rides.

Year End Banquets
One endeavor undertaken by the APHA Executive Committee brings the national Association to the club on a personal level. Each year, the president reminds club representatives at Convention that members of the Executive Committee will visit several Regional Clubs at the club’s request for their year-end awards banquet or other function, such as a horse show or large equine event. Special consideration will be given to those clubs who have not had an Executive Committee member visit in the two previous years.

These sessions provide a forum for the Executive Committee to give information to Regional Clubs. Individuals are also able to express their opinions to the elected officer on a one-to-one basis. The officer can then report what he or she learned from attending these banquets to other members of the Executive Committee during one of its regularly scheduled meetings. Without a doubt, interaction between APHA officers, staff and Regional Clubs is positive and builds more effective teams within the Association.

EC Invitation

Hosting an APHA Convention
The APHA Annual Convention annually in late February/early March. The location of the convention varies from year to year so that members from all zones on the North American continent are given an opportunity to attend a convention in their zone or an adjacent zone. The APHA Executive Committee and staff select a convention site each year on a four-year rotation basis,from  Zones 1, 2 and 10, Zones 3 and 4, Zones 5, 6 and 7, and Zones 8, 9 and 11.

Regional Clubs interested in hosting a convention in their zone are encouraged to contact the APHA Administration Department for consideration of their city. Regional Clubs that have hosted a convention in the past have reported positive public relations from their involvement. Often the host club will invite other Regional Clubs in the area to participate. Convention sites are selected and booked three years in advance due to hotel negotiations.

The success of an APHA Convention stems from the involvement of club members. There are numerous ways a club can participate; from hosting an event to sponsoring entertainment for an evening or providing door prizes; however, clubs must decide for themselves to what extent they wish to be involved in the convention. The level of commitment varies from club to club. The following information is used when selecting a convention site:

  1. The city must have available hotels that will accommodate the need for between 80 and 100 rooms from Wednesday through Saturday of the first weekend in October. The hotel must also have enough meeting space to accommodate approximately 11 APHA standing committee meetings, three general sessions for approximately 240 people, and a dining room that will accommodate up to 200 people.
  2. Area hotel rooms should offer competitive room rates for group meetings and be located in close proximity to a major airport.
  3. The airport in the desired city should be large enough to offer competitive fares and easy access to area hotels.
  4. The desired city should be attractive, have suitable restaurants and have unique and interesting attractions in the vicinity.


2011 | Zone 1 | Vancouver, WA
2012 | Zone 4 | Fort Worth, TX
2013 | Zone 4 | Fort Worth, TX
2014  | Zone 4 | Fort Worth, TX
2015  | Zone 4 | Fort Worth, TX
2016 | Zone 7 | Richmond, VA


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