APHA Regional Clubs

Looking for a group that offers camaraderie, competition, hospitality and friendship? Then look no further than your local regional Paint Horse club. Paint Horse clubs bring the ideals of the American Paint Horse Association—a friendly atmosphere, a high regard for its members and the promotion of family values—to horse enthusiasts at the local level.

These equine booster clubs are as diverse as the Paint Horse breed itself, but they share common goals—to educate the public about the qualities of the American Paint Horse and APHA, to encourage Paint breeding for conformation and athletic ability, to give members the opportunity to show their Paints and to host alternative activities such as trail rides and social events for non-competitors.

American Junior Paint Horse Association members are frequently the most active group within a regional club. For your Paint enthusiasts who may live miles apart, but share a love of horses, clubs provide a common meeting place and a host of activities.

Regional club membership is not limited to a single club. A Paint enthusiast can belong to as many Paint Horse clubs as he or she chooses. Most APHA members belong to multiple clubs for competition purposes. Membership is required to participate in a club’s futurity and to be eligible for a club’s year-end awards.

Whether you have ten flashy show horses or one backyard buddy, you’ll be welcome at the APHA regional club of your choice. Find a club near you today!

Purpose of Regional Clubs

Regional Clubs are the backbone of the American Paint Horse Association’s grassroots marketing program for the breed. Since its inception in 1962, the Association has approved more than 115 Regional Clubs worldwide. Successful Regional Clubs are those that are well organized, those that have a clearly defined purpose and those that are dedicated to promoting the American Paint Horse. This website is designed to provide club and Association leaders with a variety of useful information and resources.

Purpose The purpose of all APHA approved Regional Clubs is defined by the Official APHA Rule Book, which states:

“Clubs must be formed only for advancing the Paint Horse through the ideals of the national association, including good horsemanship and good sportsmanship.”

When the purpose of a Regional Club is in sync with the mission of the APHA, a dynamic union is formed. The association, as directed by its purpose, consists of people who are interested in the breed. APHA has a staff of skilled professionals whose jobs are to implement and enforce the rules, to market the breed, and to attract new members.

Regional Clubs provide the framework for attracting new members at the local or “grassroots” level.  Regional Clubs make recommendations for the APHA Board of Directors to the Directors Nominating Committee. Directors are then elected by all APHA members in good standing. Board members are charged with representing the interests of their regional members to the national organization. In turn, one way the APHA communicates with its Regional Clubs is through its directors, who are asked to report information at the local level.

Cooperative Ventures When this relationship works as it is designed, then opportunities exist for the association and the Regional Club to cooperate on such ventures as regional trail rides, the APHA Workshop and Convention and championship shows. Programs that have been designed to foster this type of cooperative venture include the Paint Alternative Competition (PAC) program, the Ride America® program, the Amateur and Novice Amateur programs, the Youth program, and the American Paint Horse Foundation.

Mission of The American Paint Horse Association

The key to leading a successful Regional Club is understanding that the club is an extension of the American Paint Horse Association. Understanding the purpose and goals of APHA will provide a common ground for fostering cooperation among Regional Clubs and between the Regional Clubs and APHA.

The mission of the American Paint Horse Association is to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of American Paint Horses and to stimulate and regulate all matters that pertain to the promotion, history, breeding and exhibition of this breed. Our success depends upon our ability to provide fiscally responsible and efficient services to our members.

APHA aspires to excellence in record keeping, reporting, recruiting and educating and supporting the membership, so that the Association may inspire confidence and create in them a desire to use our services. The APHA serves both the breed and our members by being ever aware of the industry and market, and of the needs, opportunities and challenges of our members.

APHA Regional Club Charter History


YearCharterCharter NameFounding OfficerDissolved
19631Gulf Coast PHCTony Dingianni
19632Oklahoma PHCRay Graves
19633Texas PHCLeona Phillips
19634Louisiana PHCGene Nelson
19635Rocky Mountain PHASue Bohlender
19636Arizona PHCColin Beals
19647Kansas PHAClaude Howard
19658Idaho PHCButch Wonderlich
19659Mississippi PHCMott Headley
196510Ohio PHCDr. John Evans
196611Hi Plains PHCDon Griffin
196612Illinois PHCJack Purtscher
196613Iowa PHCLes Newton
196614Minnesota PHADr. Tom Arlander
196615New Mexico PHCEarnest Wilson
196616South Texas PHCJoe Owings
196717Michigan PHCShirley Bilton
196718Missouri PHCCliff Johnson
196819Florida PHCJ. Jay Simons10/09/97
196820Indiana PHCPauli Crull
196821Oregon PHCDale Parker
196822Utah PHCRichard Diamond
196923California PHARoger Henley
196924Empire State PHCJoan Tolhurst
196925Montana PHCNeva Passage
196926Nebraska PHCDr. John Hertner
Carolina PHC
*Chartered as North Carolina PHC
Wade Harley
196928Washington State PHCKathy Kadash
196929Georgia PHCC.M. (Max) Jordan
197030Mid South PHCJerry Peddycoart
197031Ontario PHCJim Muir
197032South Dakota PHCI.J. Carey
197033Southern California PHCDiane Paris 10/2017
107034West Texas/New Mexico PHCGlenn Carter10/93
197035Wisconsin PHCRobert McKillips
197136Central Texas PHCHarold Simpson2014
197137Mo-Kan PHCDennis Martens2008
197238British Columbia PHCBruce Cramer
Inland Northwest PHC
*Chartered as Central Washington PHC
Silvia Nash
197240Quebec PHCR.J. Muir1987
197341Central California PHCChuck Monk
Central Florida PHC
*Merged with Florida PHCin 1982
Jim Moffett1982
197343Garden State PHCJan Seutter
197344Magnolia State PHCGuy Walker1981
197345Mid Valley PHCJack Small2000
197346Nevada PHCSam Van Curen
197347North Dakota PHCDuane Clark
197348Silver State PHCSam Van Curen
197449Arkansas PHCLarry Steele
197450Pacific Coast PHCChuck Miller2009
197451Pennsylvania PHCJoann Bronson
197452Shenandoah PHCFrank Jordan
197453Southern Oregon/Northern California PHCTom Floyd1986
197454Wyoming PHCLee Alley
197555New England PHCJay Mele
197556Southwest Washington PHCBarbara Downey
197657Cross Timbers PHCDr. Bill Jackson
197758Northern Michigan PHCSterling Nickerson
197759San Joaquin PHCHarvey Jones
197760Southwest PHCGlenn Carter1995
197861Alberta PHCDoug French
197862Colorado West PHCPeggy Gilbert
197863Saskatchewan PHCGreg Gessell
197964Seven Counties PHCBuster Naegle
Kentucky PHC
Changed to Blue Grass PHC in 2001
Carl Ross
(A) Frontier PHC
Two Clubs issued #66; 
charter recalled in 1984 and 
sent to then president Harold Chain
Harold Chain1989
(B) Central Oregon PHC
Changed from Central Oregon PHC in 1990
Tom Floyd
Dixie PHC
Became inactive, but reactivated in 1984
Jim Brown
Southern Colorado PHC
Changed from Four Corners PHC in 1999
Jesse Dove
198169North Idaho PHCFrank Dillon6/03/88
198170Northern California PHCJim Galva
198171Blue Mountain PHCLyman Nash 10/2017
198172Tennessee PHCGeorge Dixon
198273Pacific Northwest PHCTerry Meier
198274Sierra PHCDonna Love
198275Treasure State PHCBetty Reece1993
198276Hawaii PHCFrank White2/16/89
198377PHC GermanyHarde Okle
198378Permian Basin PHCMike Whittemore
198479Golden State PHCMike Kane
198480Palmetto PHCJ. Wes Daniels
198481Greater Los Angeles PHCFred Tabor
198482Treasure Valley PHCMarlow Brown
198583PHC of Manitoba E.L. Sterzer1995
198684Ozark PHCErnest Alford Jr.2003
198785PHC ItaliaDr. Maurizio Valerio
198886Green Country PHCMick Lunt 11/2017
198887Ark-La-TexGary Cathey
198888Northeast Texas PHC J.W.Tyner
198889Western Pennsylvania PHC Tom Wilson2003
198890Eastern IdahoDonna Barzee
198991Cascade PHCDorothy Sierakowski 10/2017
198992Temecula Valley PHC Patsy Sager  10/2017
198993Alabama PHC John Tudor10/94
198994Rainier PHC Ed Juchmes
198995Southern Indiana PHC Sherry Ash12/10/10
198996New Zealand PHC 12/89
198997Western Montana PHCShannon Minnis 2001
199098New Zealand PHC Randy Barton
199199West Virgnia PHC Dewey Smth 1996
1991100Columbia PHC Alan Doughty2005
1991101Delmarva PHCNancy Dorman
1992102Swedish PHAGun-Britt Blomdahl
1992103Austrian PHA AugustReiter
1992104Southeastern Oklahoma PHC Tom Woodfin2003
1992105Eastern Nevada PHCDr. Tom Sanders, Jr.
1993106Zia PHC Bill Golliet2014
1994107Southeastern Oregon PHCTammy Chastain  10/2017
1994108France PHADavid Gordon
1994109Quebec PHC Michael Ladouceur
 1994110Belgium PHCKoenraad VanDenBosh2002
Dutch PHC
*Changed from Netherlands PHC 2001
Jelle Leenes
1994112Maritime PHCPresident of Club
1995113Swiss PHABeat Heinzer
1995114Peach State PHC Dean Jones 2008
1995115PHA LuxembourgClaude Kuhn
1996116Hell’s Canyon PHC Dr. Larry Wogman 12/2010
1996117Yellowstone PHC Shaun Pichler1999
1996118PHC Denmark Viggo Mortensen
1997119Color Country PHC Bonnie Christensen 10/2017
1997120Alaska PHC Cathy Ecker 2006
1997121Bama PHC Randy Powe 2002
1997122Lake Erie PHCDon Martz
1997123Eastern Ontario PHCJim Muir
1997124Camellia PHC Randy Powe 2014
1997125Southwest Virginia PHC Lynn Isenhour1999
1998126PHC Czech Republic Zdenek Polak
*Manitoba PHC
*Changed from Northwest PHC to Manitoba PHC, 1999
Barney Stehr  10/2017
1999128Mesa Verde PHC Forrest Nelson
Virginia PHC
*Changed from Central Virginia PHC, 2012
Joe Majewski
2001130UK PHASue Painter
2002131West Virginia PHCDon Martz2005
2002132Norwegian PHARikke Ekeberg
2003133North Georgia PHCThomas Pinyan
2004134Long Island PHC Barbara Mantini
2004135Minnesota North Star PHC Dr. Tom Arlander
2005136Mexican PHCSonia Gonzales Trevino
Irish PHC
*no charter issued (affiliate only)
Stephen Cox
Dominican Republic PHA
*no charter issued (affiliate only)
Jose Alejandro Aybar
2006137Western Montana PHCJulie Lazaro
Finnish Paint Horse Association
*no charter issued(affiliate only)
Jukka Kivela
Paint Horse Club Slovak Republic
*no charter issued (affiiate only)
Vladimir Pandula
2009Panama Paint Horse AssociationRoberto E. Acuna Garcia
2010 138Paint Horse Club of AustraliaLee Ann Hall 
2011 Paint Horse Club of New Caledonia Philippe Joubert
2011 Asociacion Argentina de Paint HorseMaria Margarita Buey Arietti
2014South African Paint Horse ClubAdèle Pretorius
2017 Israel Paint Horse AssociationRuti Shadmont


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