The Executive Committee is a dedicated group of individuals elected to set association policy.
The EC is responsible for planning the future of APHA with the guidance of the Board of Directors, while ensuring fiscal integrity. They welcome input and comments related to APHA.

Dr. Craig Wood
Acting President

8570 Hwy 355
Owenton, KY 40359
(859) 608-1014

Mike Short

P O Box 398
Shiner, TX 77984
(903) 312-2628

Casey West
Vice President

PO Box 757
Abilene, KS 67410
(785) 479-6817

Karen Thomas
Senior Committee Member

4800 Pax Hill Road
Morganton, North Carolina
(828) 443-2037

Alison Umberger
Fifth Committee Member

5713 Honilea Drive
Broad Run, Virginia
(202) 494-3640

Travis Titlow
Sixth Committee Member

3030 Wise Rd.
Lincoln, CA 95648
(916) 204-9390

Susie Shaw
Immediate Past President

1890 Iron Hill Road
Parsons, TN 38363-0176
(731) 847-7208

Billy L. Smith
Executive Director

P.O. Box 961023
Fort Worth, TX 76161
(817) 222-6401

Candidates for the 2018-2019 Executive Committee

Election to be held at the 2018 Convention

How did I get involved with horses & Paints?
My involvement with horses began as a small child, my first pony being a tobiano pinto pony, competing at Pony Club which is the equivalent of 4H. As my experience developed I went on to compete in Dressage and One Day Eventing, by my early 20’s I had taken a liking to “western breeds” and my interests grew in that direction. For almost 10 years I was an employee of the Paint Horse Assn of Australia (PHAA), at least 6 as the Office Manager. After purchasing 2 Paints in the USA and flying them to Australia it was an ethical decision to leave my much loved job and establish our now well known HMF Paint Horse breeding program. My involvement with Paints has many facets – an active and very successful competitor, a qualified (Australian) judge, 7 x Ring Steward at APHA World Show, successful breeder and promoter of Paints in Australia and the South Pacific.

What APHA & other equine related experience have I?
I have been a staunch supporter of APHA for at least 15 years. Whilst an employee of the PHAA, I was involved in meetings with APHA Presidents / Past Presidents and staff over several years to establish and refine the International Appendix Registry. Travelling to New Caledonia frequently to judge, I assisted in the formation of their APHA regional club and many new registrations and memberships, I was on the formative committee of the APHA regional club in Australia. Working for the PHAA gave me a good grounding on the day to day operations of a Breed Association, I took time to visit and work in the APHA office for a week in order to improve the processes of the PHAA. Being a business owner and operator for 25 years I have an understanding of the pressures of running a professional business. Until recently my available time was limited, but after selling our transport business and establishing an Equine Reproduction Centre I now have the time to dedicate to APHA. Over the past 11 years I have attended 6 APHA Conventions and have had involvement on several committees. I have been a 4 times team coach for the Australian Youth Team and put forward many suggestions regarding the previous Youth Teams Tournament and the transformation into the Youth World Games.

APHAs biggest challenges – APHA, as with any breed associations, will always face challenges and hurdles. Continued growth of membership and registrations – the core business of the association are of utmost importance. Past members need to be enticed back into APHA. Growing the APHA globally and making “Paint Horses” recognisable and desired in as many countries as it is possible. All important issues to be addressed.

How can I contribute?
Being located in the South Pacific – Australasia region I am in a position to be a driving force behind growth in these areas as well as being an integral part of a great team of USA based Committee members. My depth of knowledge with Paint Horses and ability to network with many international contacts & equine organisations can only be of benefit to the APHA and its members worldwide.

What aspects am I most passionate about?
The continued success of the APHA is reliant on so many issues, my passion is with the breed itself however there are some things that are closer to my heart –growth of the association globally, recognition of Paint Horses around the world, increased competition participation and education of judges and competitors worldwide. Whilst we all love the Paint Horse shows, to have the breed recognised in many countries requires acceptance of and rewarding those that compete in the myriad of disciplines our wonderful horses are capable of performing in. Look beyond the horizon and you will be amazed what there is to discover.

1. How did you get involved with horses and how did that lead you to Paints?
Having grown up on a farm, my parents always had a few horses around to ride.  As early as I can remember I started asking them for my own horse and their response was that I could have one when I turned 12.  As soon as I was 12 we went to a local horse auction and they bought me my first horse.  I learned a lot about riding and started showing at local open and 4H shows.  My parents soon realized that horses were not a passing phase and a few years later we fell in love with our first Paint.  She was an APHA/Pinto Tobiano mare that we purchased from Yarnelle Farms named Pasture Puff.  I started showing in the Pinto Horse Association until my family purchased my next horse HF Skip N Copper.  Since then we have been showing and breeding APHA horses.  If you ask my dad, his only regret was that he didn’t buy me my own horse sooner.

2. What APHA and other equine related experience have you had that qualifies you to serve on the Executive Committee?
Starting as a Youth exhibitor until today as an Amateur exhibitor, I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to travel all over the United States showing and attending equine events.  These events started in the Open and 4H arena before focusing most of my life on APHA.  For over 30years my family has been showing, breeding and raising Paint horses.  These horses have earned multiple World and Reserve World titles in both Halter and Performance.  We currently stand 2 APHA Breeders Trust stallions and have been very blessed to have had the opportunity to work not only with Paint horse owners in the United States and Canada but also in Europe and Australia.   Prior to becoming a National Director for Indiana in 2010 I served as an Officer for our Regional Club where I still serve as a member of the board.  As a National Director I served as the Chair of the Amateur Committee for 5 years until this year when I became the Chair of the General Show and Contest Committee.

3. Looking ahead, what do you see as APHA’s biggest challenge and how would you see yourself contributing to a solution?
I think our biggest challenge today is attracting and holding on to our youth and amateur members which will ultimately affect the demand for paint horses. I believe there are many factors affecting this challenge. First, families have more choices than ever on what they are going to spend their time and money on.  Year round travel sports have become increasingly popular with our youth which takes up a lot of time and money for families. At the same time show expenses have become harder to afford for an average household budget. I hope to use my experience as  a Youth/Amateur exhibitor as well as a mom of a 9 year old that wants to do it all, to find ways to attract new youth and amateur’s to our association while maintaining the members we currently have. If we can attract more members to our organization we will increase the demand for our paint horses and ultimately help our APHA breeders.

4. What aspects of APHA are you most passionate about?
My first passion is our Youth and Amateur members. I know from experience the important role that APHA has played in my life. As a Youth member it gave me the opportunity to travel and meet people from all of over the United States and Canada. I gained confidence in myself and respect for others that I feel is important for our youth.

My second passion is for the Paint Horse breeder. I am a mare and stallion owner and have experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows but at the end of the day I will always be a Paint horse owner. I understand the opportunities and struggles that face our breeders today and hope to be a part of ensuring we are a viable organization for years to come.

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