As a group, the APHA Board of Directors is tasked with deciding and directing association policy. They are elected by the APHA membership to represent their home areas in making, amending, repealing and enforcing rules and regulations.

APHA National Director Election

  • The APHA Director Election recommendation deadline has passed. 
  • The Director Nominating Committee will meet soon to set the ballots for each membership area.
  • Voting will begin September 15 and continue til October 15.  
  • If you are not a current member and you want to vote in this upcoming election you will need to become a member or renew your membership before September 1.  
  • You must have an email address on file at APHA to receive an electronic ballot.  Only one ballot per email address.  Please add your email address to our database or update your address by emailing tbrown@apha.com.


 Board of Directors and Standing Committee Lists

2016 Standing Committees

2016 Board of Directors

2015 APHA Board of Directors 

Standing Committee Purpose Statements


Board of Directors’ Minutes

2015 Board of Directors Minutes: Convention

2014 Board of Directors’ Minutes: Convention

2013 Board of Directors’ Minutes: Workshop

2012 Board of Directors’ Minutes: Convention

Executive Committee Minutes

April 4, 2016 Email Poll

April 13, 2016 Minutes

April 21, 2016 Email Poll

May 2, 2016 Email Poll

May 24, 2016 Minutes

June 28, 2016 Minutes

Standing Committee Minutes

Amateur Advisory Committee

2016 Convention

September 15, 2016 Conference Call

Breed Integrity & Registration Advisory Committee

2016 Convention

April 27, 2016 Conference Call

July 27, 2016 Conference Call

General Show & Contest Advisory Committee

2016 Convention

September 14, 2016 Conference Call

International Advisory Committee

2016 Convention

Judges Advisory Committee

2016 Convention Feb 26

2016 Convention Feb 27

May 25, 2016 Minutes

July 13, 2016 Minutes

Long Range Planning Advisory Committee

2016 Convention

Professional Horsemen Advisory Committee

2016 Convention

May 9, 2016 Minutes

Racing Advisory Committee

May 31, 2016 Minutes

July 12, 2016 Minutes

Recreational Riding Advisory Committee

2016 Convention

Regional Club Advisory Committee

June 21, 2016 Minutes

Rules Advisory Committee

2016 Convention

April 21, 2016 Minutes

August 3, 2016 Minutes

Youth Advisory Committee

2016 Convention

World Show Advisory Committee

2016 Convention

American Paint Horse Foundation


National Director Resources

Director Orientation Booklet 

APHA Director/Standing Committee Bio Form

Director Nomination form

Regional Club Director Nomination Form

2015 Standing Committee Preference form

Policy for selecting Executive Committee candidates

‘FAQ’ for interested EC candidates


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